Parent workshops

Duration: 45min-1h

Class time: Thursday 3pm-4pm 

Price: 35chf


Introduction to the Montessori approach and how to apply it in everyday life with your child.


Discussion topics:

  • Montessori prepared environment at home

  • Age appropriate materials

  • Absorbent mind

  • Freedom and limits

  • Preparation and role of the adult

  • Developmental crises 

  • Movement development

  • Language development 

  • Toileting 

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To register for one of our workshop classes, please email us at : or book online

Additional information

  • Once there is a space in the class for you, you will be offered a space to attend once a week for your chosen playgroup. Each baby is to be accompanied by one adult/carer. Twins or siblings may come with one adult/carer.

  • All sessions are offered in English–circle time each session includes French and English songs.

  • French and other non-English speaking children are very welcome–a great opportunity for your child to be introduced to English. 

  • There are 10-12 adults per group

  • It is preferred if older siblings do not attend these sessions

  • If your baby is sick or you are unable to attend, you may book in for a make-up class. Only one make-up class is allowed per child per term.

  • Cancellations during term time are non-refundable. Unless you cancel within the first week of start of classes, a cancellation fee of 25CHF will be charged to cover administration costs.

Age: From pregnancy to 5 months 

Duration: 45min-1h

Class time: Tuesday 4pm-5pm 

Price: 30chf


Join us for an introduction to Montessori starting at birth. We will talk about this incredible person you are about to meet, and the first 5 months of his/her life. What we hope to provide in this service is some guidance and information for parents/carers to find what fits their family best. 


Discussion topics:

  • Montessori environment at home

  • Importance of the 2 first months of life (symbiotic period)

  • Movement development 

  • Developmentally appropriate equipment materials

  • Preparation of the adult

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