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You're looking for a space & have a cool product, event or workshop in mind? As consumer habits are evolving so quickly nowadays, thinking of long term leases may feel daunting and like much more of a commettent than your ready to take one!


This is why, at herstreet, we love hosting and presenting new collaborators to our community of active women. We support you with your communication, marketing and online bookings and you can access client and collborators throughout Switzerland.

You'll find more info here below, but first fill out our form and let us know more about your awesome project!

Our spaces

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The Cube:

44m2 Atelier with massive bay windows and an industrial decor

Available from Thursdays 5pm until Sunday 10pm

-"half day": 9am-1pm & 1pm-5pm & 6pm-10pm: 150chf

-"full day" : Access to the space from 8am and until 10pm : 300chf


Our Health Café can be rented in two ways. 

1) Pop-up Corner: 4m3 display corner, to promote or sell your products during our opening & running hours: 150chf/day

Available from 9am-6pm

2) Privatisation: 80m2 of our pink floor and greenery for your workshops, birthdays & catered events

Available evenings from 6pm and weekends

- "half day": 9am-1pm & 1pm-5pm & 6pm-10pm: 300chf

-"full day": 9am-10pm: 450chf


For any work-out related events : 45chf per hour

*prices & hours as outlined above must include your set-up time. 

*These spaces are furnished, please visit us prior to your booking.

Thank you!

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